About Renew™

All-purpose lubricant solution for home and office use.




Renew™ is an all-natural, multi-use lubricant for home and office use that stops squeaks in their tracks and makes rotating and sliding joints work better.

From the house to the garage, from your home to your business, Renew™ quiets surfaces and effectively lubricates utilizing non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. Renew™ is environmentally-friendly, non-flammable, and contains no compressed propellant. Most importantly, surfaces stay lubricated (and quiet) and work better longer.

My dad used engine and penetrating oil to fix things around our house – like squeaking doors and sticky locks. He had an oil dispensing can and a can of rust penetrating oil in the garage. He encouraged me to use them on my bike chain and roller skate wheels. The oil was thick and sticky and hard to apply, and the rust cutting oil evaporated so fast I had to apply it several times to get it to work at all. My mom didn’t like my dad using them in the house, and told him to keep them out of the kitchen because they were toxic.

Fast forward to me having my own house and family, and I found myself still using toxic engine and penetrating oil to fix stuff around the house. It seems most people were using these same toxic products when they needed to fix hinges, locks, and other hardware in their home. In 2017, I decided to invent a better natural household oil that was not toxic, didn’t smell bad, and was good for the environment.

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How to use? Easy!

Renew™ is an all-purpose lubricant solution for home and office use.


Simply spray on rotating or sliding metal or plastic part and wipe off the excess with a cloth or paper towel. Use on drawer sliders, door locks, hinges, bike chains, and hundreds of other uses.

  • Non-toxic
  • Stops squeaks
  • Scented for freshness

All-Natural Ingredients

Food grade mineral oil

Organic jojoba oil

Essential oil


Made In USA.



No compressed propellant

Safe for your home & the environment!


Not for use on wood or fabric. Keep out of reach of children.

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